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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

jojo & sinta get famous from lipsync video ‘Keong Racun”.

Get famous from lipsync video ‘Keong Racun”, Sinta and Jovita or Jojo became famous and frequently appearing on TV. However, Sinta and Jojo has limitations in dress when appearing on screen.
In terms of dress, Sinta and Jojo has his own team. The team should ensure that clothing worn chanter ‘Tokek Belang’ was appropriate and not excessive.
“As it happens our clothes every gig there is a man to manage. His name was Yudhishthira. Most times we like to say how will we like. Not too open, “said Jojo.
If  that dressing is too open, Sinta and Jojo pleaded not comfortable. “Not comfortable. If you can do, “said Sinta.
To feel comfortable, Sinta and Jojo involved in the selection of clothes to wear on stage. To be kept updated, they often find inspiration on the Internet.
“We’re not judge the style of the artist who, we just like Korean style so rich. But the young man, who wrote the standard, “said Jojo. “Just too much to Cinderella,” said Sinta.

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lagu ni best buat karok ni,,hhehe

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